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General Manager and CEO

Dr.Ahmed Abdel Atty (MB.CH.B, MS)

Anathesia and Intensive Care
Dr. Mahmoud Kamel (MB.CH.B, MS)
Dr. Irene Mamdouh (MB.CH.B, MS)

Emergency and Internal Medicine

Dr.Aziz Lotfy Aziz (MB.CH.B, MS)

Dr.George Galal (MB.CH.B, MD)

Clinical Pathologist

Dr.Hisham Esaa (MB.CH.B, MD)

Dr. Nader Sedrak  (MB.CH.B, MD)

Dr. Islam Atef (BCH.D)

Dr. Moustafa Mohamed (BCH.D)

Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Dr. Gihan Ahmed Khalil (MB. CH.B, MD)

Dr. Ahmed Abo.El nasser (MB. CH.B, MS)

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr.Amro El Abasy (MB. CH.B, MD)

Dr.Sameh El khot (MB. CH.B, Ms)

Dr.Ahmed Hemdan (MB. CH.B, Ms)

Professors of Dar El Oyun Hospital El Gouna
Prof. Haysam Naser
Prof. Hesham Adel
Dr. Sameh El Sayed (MB CH.B, MS)

  Dr.Diaa Fahmy (MB.CH.B, MD)
General Surgeon, laparoscopic surgeon

Dr.Peter Fakhry (MB.CH.B, MS)  


Orthopedic surgeon

Prof. Ahmed Hassan (MB.CH.B, MD)

Dr.Mohammed Diaa El Din (MB.CH.B, MS) (Consultant Orthopedic)
Dr.Farid Radwan (MB.CH.B, MS)  


Dr. Mina Maher (MB. CH.B, MS)
Dr.Joseph Elkomus (MB. CH.B, MD)
Dr.Hanan Sabry (MB. CH.B, MS)


General Surgeon

Dr. Mousa Amin (MB.CH.B, MD)


Dr.Ramez Anwar (MB. CH.B, MS)

Dr.Omar Soros (MB.CH.B, MD)
Dr.Amr El Tayeb (MB. CH.B, MD, MRCS Eng.)
Dr.Tarik Tarif (MB. CH.B, MD)
Dr. Ahmed Koheel (MB.CH.B, MD)

Dr. Ahmed Alaa (MB.CH.B, MS)

Dr. Mohamed Salah (MB.CH.B, MS)

Dr. Karim  Morad (MB.CH.B, MS)

Dr.Wael Maher(MB.CH.B, MS)

E.N.T specialist

Dr.George Y. Hana (MB, CH.b,MS)

Resident Doctor
Dr.Ahmed Okasha (MB. CH.B)
Dr. Remon Dawoud (MB, CH.b,MS)


Financial Department
Mr.Wael William (Financial Controller)
Mr. Shokry Ibrahim(Accounts Manager)
Mr. Wael Samir (Senior Accountant)
Mr. Adel Wadea (Senior Accountant)
Mr. Ahmed Adel (Accountant)

Mr. Hany  Makar (Accountant)


HR Department

Mr. Mina Samy (Personnel Supervisor)


IT Department
Mina Boles


Maintanace Department
Eng.Ayman Emam (Chief Engineering)
Makram Fawzy (Electric Technician)


Mr. Kirollos Hosny (Receptionist)
Mr. Joseph Ramzy (Receptionist)