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An integrated professional medical service provider across the red Sea since 1998. Different & professional management for multiple trauma patients through its highly qualified medical crew in different departments as neurosurgery, general & thoracic surgery, orthopedic & vascular surgery. Endoscopic surgeries (gynecology, orthopedic, general surgery, Urosurgery, stone removal and destruction).
• Ophthalmology department providing:
• The 1st cataract surgery using ultrasonic technique.
• 1st corneal graft surgery.
• It's time to take off your glasses through our program of LASIK surgery to correct errors of refraction

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology providing:
• Regular check up & early cancer detection clinic.
• Infertility clinic & intrauterine insemination, assisted reproduction.
• Prenatal genetic Diagnosis...


The Most updated imagining facilities all over the Red sea , we provide you with the best state of art technology in different scanning fields using:
• X-Ray
• CT Scan
• Ultrasonography – Dupplex.
• Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI).
• Echo Cardiography

Emergency Facilities:
• 4 ambulances are ICU equipped
• Intensive care unit, 4beds capacity with 2 ventilators.
• Neonates & intensive care unit for premature.